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We pride in providing comprehensive programs delivered by veterans who help you to put your best foot forward in the field of Digital Marketing

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Learning here is a two way communication. We guide you to learn particularly with complete support and live lectures.


What Is Seo?

WIS is a program run by Crazzle Plus Infotech to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. It aims to provide you the best digital marketing strategy by giving the best in class training to meet the real world needs of today’s digital world. Every WIS programme is designed and delivered by professionals, who know what is required to prosper at job and is always dedicated to nurture.

Train Students to Build Career:

It provides digital marketing training to the students who want to develop and build the best career in operating online business, as the skills learned in this course will help you in shaping your advertising goals and strategy for the Online Marketing Challenge. In this course we cover the major current approaches of different fields which include Search Engine Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Analyst and guarantee in providing 100%placement to the students in various digital marketing companies (T&C applied).

Corporate Hiring Program:

If you are in a need of digital experts, get in touch with us. Hire our professional digital marketing teams and combine their strength for the growth of your company.

Help Startups to Grow:

If you have an idea we help you in transforming that eureka moment in a successful business. Get connected to us as we provide better management and well defined Digital Marketing tactics to the startups. We help them to utilize their ideas and become a new entrepreneur in the market.

Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur, India

Digital Marketing


Avg salary of Digital Marketing Specialist


Get Successfull Quarterly Increment


250 Reviews

Generate traffic    |    Convert leads    |    Increase sales

  • Build and manage your brand online
  • Understand the real business challenges
  • Strategize and execute expert Marketing skills
  • Engage customers with the latest Digital Marketing techniques
  • Career advice and 100% job guarantee
  Duration 3 Months
  Starts 2017

Become a Startup


Startup rise in the market each day to test their fate


Startup can only sustain in this Digital world


241 Learners

Get domain    |    Change life    |    Take a chance

  • Start your business with WhatIsSEO
  • Give shape to your ideas
  • Market your brand and services under our assistance
  • Build a support network
  • Provide feedback on your business plan
  Duration 4 Months

Learn How to Earn Online


Earn in one month
Find out how


New Balance arrives in market


203 Learners

Google Ad Sense    |    YouTube    |    other affiliated program

  • Earn 1lakh per month from Google through affiliate marketing
  • Become a successful blogger
  • Become a freelancer content writer
  • Become an internet marketing analyzer
  • Start your ecommerce business
  Duration 3 Months

Business Analysis Training


Avg salary of Business Analysis


Get Successfull Quarterly Increment


231 Learners

Online business analysis program

  • Various data sampling techniques to analyse the business trends.
  • Achieve competitive edge in the fast paced field of Business Analytics.
  • Learn the latest trends to give your business an ideal shape.
  • Gain practical skills to increase your business efficiency
  • Reach your business goals
  Duration 5 Months

Search Engine Marketing


Avg salary of Search Engine Marketing Specialist


Get Successfull Quarterly Increment


214 Reviews

Search    |    Performance Measurement    |    Ranking

  • Grabs attention of Your Target Audience at the right time
  • Increase website usability
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Better Reputation Management
  • Brings in Organic Traffic
  Duration 3 Months
  Starts 2017

Social Media Marketing


Avg salary of Social Media Marketing Specialist


Get Successfull Quarterly Increment


223 Reviews

Network Strategy  |  Social Ideas  |  Branding

  • Increase Brand Recognition.
  • Target audiences more effectively
  • High Conversion rates
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking
  • Builds meaningful relationship with customers
  Duration 3 Months
  Starts 2017

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